We focus exclusively on equity investments in small to middle market companies that have numerous opportunities for value creation. All of our companies are purchased with a majority of the committed equity capital coming directly from Second Catalyst’s managing partners. Without exception, our portfolio company management teams invest with us in a meaningful way. Our buy, improve and grow approach is the cornerstone of our model, with capabilities in acquisition-driven growth.


Our approach is an operational and functional one, accounting for the entire value chain of business. By evaluating each part of the business process through investment diligence and complete understanding of the operational practices, we seek to remove waste, mitigate risk and create value through enhanced performance, investment returns, customer and employee appeal. Our approach is driven by our operational experience and strategic value building growth initiatives. We believe greater returns can best be achieved through strategic and operational improvements combined with driven growth through new products and relationships.


Our mission is to work with current owners, management teams and employees to build long term value in our companies. We are results-oriented business and financial partners with a long and successful history of investing across a wide range of industries and transaction structures.

Our buy, improve and grow strategy, when executed in close collaboration with skilled management teams is a proven formula.
Our exclusive focus on the Business Services, Information Technology and Healthcare markets has provided us the expertise and relationships to help management teams develop winning strategies.
Maximizing a companies potential also means being able to scale internal systems and processes. We have proven experience in the development of people, systems, metrics, and management processes.
We orchestrate and drive revenue growth through significant resources and experience in pricing optimization, sales force build-outs, new product and service offerings and synergistic roll-ups.


Selling your business is an important milestone and in some cases combines both the financial and emotional aspects of life. Choosing the right equity partner is a critical decision with long term implications. Our objective is to work together as partners in protecting, growing and sustaining the business you’ve built.

We customize our transactions to meet each owner’s specific objectives and always work quickly and confidentially to avoid disruption to the business. Our strategy is to combine an operational approach, committed capital and transaction experience with proven operating executives who have the vision, expertise and commitment to successfully grow the business.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing an investment partner:

1. Do they have the capital and ability to close a deal under the agreed-upon terms?
2. Will they work with me to design a “win-win” structure?
3. Do they have the vision and resources necessary to grow my business and build value?


Second Catalyst Capital combines rigorous deal generation, business due diligence, and long term portfolio support. Our primary focus is working with management teams to build sustainable and scalable products, processes and people.

We have spent our careers investing and building businesses with efficient processes, fair and competitive pricing and motivated management teams. While it is the managers who run the companies on a day-to-day basis, we participate in a number of ways to achieve the goals:
Product, market, or service expansion
Strategic planning and implementation
Optimizing business operations
Expanding management expertise
Upgrading business systems
Extending company capabilities
Synergistic acquisitions to accelerate growth trajectory


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