Second Catalyst Capital is an operationally focused private equity firm investing in small to middle market companies. With a proven ability to execute revenue and profit growth, we provide our portfolio companies with the strategic guidance, operational insights and industry resources needed to reach their full potential.

Second Catalyst Capital is focused on taking middle market companies to the next level by partnering with driven and capable management teams. Our team has a proven record of accomplishing these goals and have invested more than $100m in over 15 principal investments as well as several add-on acquisitions. We have repeatedly transformed market leaders into substantially larger, better-positioned, more valuable enterprises.

We understand the many challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial companies, as many on the Second Catalyst Capital team have spent most of their careers starting, operating, selling and investing in small to middle market companies. We respect the entrepreneurial spirit and invest a substantial amount of our own money into the companies we acquire.

From traditional purchases to turnarounds to corporate carve out opportunities; we bring deep investment skills, experience, operational and management expertise. Our investments span a range of industries including financial services, business process outsourcing, information technology, customer relationship management and healthcare.

As active operating partners, we develop a deep understanding of each business and work closely with management to develop a strategic revenue growth plan.

We seek to accelerate growth by focusing on:
New product development
Cost reduction programs
Infrastructure development
New customer acquisition
Geographic expansion
Strategic acquisitions
Financial tools
Improved processes
Market share growth


Q: Is Second Catalyst Capital the buyer or another intermediary?
A: Second Catalyst Capital is the principal investor, not an intermediary. We buy companies using our own capital.
Q: Is Second Catalyst Capital a lender or interested in minority investments?
A: No. Second Catalyst Capital is an equity firm only interested in purchasing controlling interest. This does not mean we must control the day-to-day operations of the company. Our role is to provide strategic direction, operational and process solutions and investigate add-on acquisition opportunities, etc.
Q: How long does Second Catalyst Capital hold its investments?
A: Second Catalyst Capital is a long-term investor.
Q: How does Second Catalyst Capital add value to a company?
A: Second Catalyst Capital’s role varies depending upon the needs of each company. At all times we are interested and active board members. Our experience and track record provides us the knowledge and vision that, over time, adds substantial value to each company.
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